Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Does Ryan Braun's Biogenesis Link Change His Fantasy Status?


Those are Ryan Braun's career average numbers stretched over a 162 game season. Those numbers are why he is a consensus top 3 pick in all fantasy formats. However, those numbers came into question a few years ago and were validated on a procedural technicality. Now, the questions have come back and those numbers may be in danger once again.

Ryan Braun's link to the newest MLB PED scandal involving the Miami biogenesis clinic is still vague. He shows up on the ledger as "money owed" and Braun seems to have an answer for that. According to Braun, his lawyers consulted the head of the clinic to aid his appeal from his failed drug test in 2011.  There is a certain logic to this statement when you consider Braun went to the University of Miami who's strength and conditioning coach was linked as well. When any of us are "in trouble" why wouldn't we consult and take direction from people in our past we trust? In dangerous situations it is natural to turn to those we know have our backs and we take their advice. If this path led him to the clinic for "consultation", one could certainly see the logic there.

However, as I discussed in an earlier PED blog post, athletes tend to be perpetual liars when it comes to doping. Perhaps even more indicting is the fact that many of the players on the list have either failed drug tests already or been suspected previously. That may be guilt by association, but usually 9 times out of 10 the guilt seems to follow.

Barring any unforeseen change in MLB policies, it wold be very surprising to see Braun in any way punished for this association. He will however continue to hear the "boo's" in opposing parks and a different level of heckling. He has already shown he can perform well under these circumstances and there is no reason to discount his services in your fantasy league at this time. There may be a few owners who might shy away from Braun with this second wind of PED speculation. If their concerns allows Braun to fall in your draft you would be insane not to take him with your first round pick.

Here is the Fantasy Baseball Black Book 2013's take on Braun:

1.       Ryan Braun MIL You can’t ask for a more consistent all around outfielder. His three year average (106R/33HR/109RBI/26SB/.319BA/.385OBP/563SLG) is the best at the position. His speed and power combination makes him a top 5 pick in roto and points leagues alike. I was concerned how he would fare without Prince Fielder behind him, but Braun’s 41/112 season certainly put any doubts to bed. He is hands down the best outfielder in fantasy terms.

For more insight check out this year's edition and bid accordingly on Braun for 2013. In keepers league's, this becomes a more complicated situation. The bottom could fall out for Braun at any time and where there is smoke, inevitably there is fire. It is not time to panic yet, but if someone overpays for Braun in an offer you could certainly consider moving him. Any deal that makes you a favorite to win now is always a deal you want to make.

For more PED player fantasy analysis check out previous this blog post.

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